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We run baking classes in Twickenham from the lovely Church Street Food Hall .

They range from courses for beginners, (or for those who've tried a few times to make bread, but something just keeps going wrong!), to our Italian themed workshops, seasonal classes, sweetened dough, beer bread plus reduced gluten classes. Something for everyone!

They make a great present for a loved one, or for yourself. We are happy to provide our services for larger venues, including corporate events, please contact us for more information.

All classes include a bread tasting session, including a glass of wine, or a non alcoholic beverage, plus a home baked treat! Lastly, and most importantly, you take ALL your bread home with you, plus our tried and tested recipes.

Here are some reviews of our classes: 

Twickermum :

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We are delighted to offer course attendees a Bakery Bits Discount! Everyone who attends a class will receive a voucher on the evening, plus a free scraper courtesy of Bakery Bits!

Introduction to bread making class

White loaves

The king of classes! If you've ever tried to make bread, you know how hard it can be. We take you through every element of bread making, from how to mix, kneading, proving, types of yeast, shaping, scoring and even oven spring! We make a basic white loaf, plus a soda bread, both of which you will take home with you. 

Date: 19.7.2016
Time: 6.20-9.30pm
Coat: £55 per person

Rustic bread class


What could be better than making your own rustic loaf? But it's harder to master than you'd think. Many people have tried to make wholemeal, or seeded bread, and because it doesn't work out they never try it again. We'll show you how to get a showstopping loaf every time! At this class we'll make wholemeal loaves and headgerow rolls (seeded rolls with cider).

Date: 28.6.2016
Time: 6.20-9.30pm
Cost: £55 per person

Vegetable bread workshop

Sweet potato bread

Making bread with raw veggies is so simple and so tasty - they bring an extra dimension to the crumb, enhancing the dough and your taste buds! We'll make sweet potato bread, followed by a beetroot cottage loaf. Now THAT'S artisan bread!

To be arranged

Olive bread class 

Rosemary focaccia crown

The evening will introduce you to different ways to use olive oil (and olives) in bread . We start with a rosemary, sea salt and olive oil focaccia, which will be made in a crown, but we will also look at the traditional, flatbread way. After this, we will be incorporating lovely green olives in beautiful fougasse bread. An evening to savour!

To be arranged

Sweetened dough workshop


We all love sweetened dough! We'll be making croissants, plus St Lucia buns and other mouth watering treats!

To be arranged

Beer bread workshop 

Delicious barm bread

The evening will introduce you to two ways of using beer to bake with. Starting with a traditional stout soda bread then moving onto a barm bread, made using the best part of a bottle of ruby red ale, we'll produce distinctive and  very different loaves for you take home. Additionally, we'll throw in a beer tasting session too. A fun night for all!

To be arranged

And one for the end of the year.....

Christmas Class


Make the legendary Blackbird stollen! We'll also make scrumptious St Lucia buns and celebrate yuletide with some heartwarming calvados...hic! 

To be arranged

How to book

If you'd like to join in, please either email us at or phone on 07805358971. Or you can tweet us @blackbirdbread or follow us on Facebook Blackbird Bread.

Terms and conditions

We can reserve a space at one of our classes for up to five working days but confirmation can only be made once we have received payment. If we do not hear from you within five working days, we will readvertise the place.

Please contact us asap if you cannot attend the class. If you contact us one month before the class, we will do our best to transfer you to another date at no further expense to you. If you contact us up to two weeks before the class, we will charge you 50% of your class cost. If you contact us within two weeks of the class, we will charge you the full price of the class.

If we have to cancel the class we will contact you asap and will either reimburse you 100% of your class costs, or offer you an alternative date at no further expense to you.


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