Thursday 9 June 2011

What happened to the last 20 months!?

After promising myself I would keep my blog up to date - I managed to completely break that promise and not look at my poor, neglected blog for 20 months! The perfect mouthful has been starved! Well I'm back - I hope. The baby is now a very active 22 months old and I should have been happy when she was just having milk back in my early blog days as she now routinely rejects everything I cook, and has taken her sister's place as a cat botherer. My now six year old has ceased to cat bother and has said pets contentedly sleeping on her bed - lets call her Project A - actually me and her dad do call her that! Such cruel parents. Husband is still denied the baked alaska - you have to keep the mystery alive somehow. Hopefully in the days and weeks to come they'll be some pictures of food (mainly cake) and the odd receipe and less of me whittering on.

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