Thursday 5 April 2012

Sour-doughs and donts

Sourdough can be a cruel mistress. We've virtually been held prisoner by it over the last week or so while trying to perfect it. Planning shopping trips and school pick ups around its very specific needs. I've said before it is like another family pet, not a elderly as the cats or as sprightly as the rabbit but nevertheless - needy. (Should that be kneady? I've punned too far!)

Here is sourdough number 1
He's not a bad looking fella, bit bumpy, but tasted good. I'd give it a 7.

Here is sourdough number 2

This is a white version, nice flavour (not too sour) pretty slash, toasty colour. Let's give it 8.

Here is sourdough number 3

Now he looks the bizzo! Crusty, brown version, personally too sour for me. And a bit doughy. Actually the person who bought it loved it but for us it wasn't quite there. Back to a 7.

Sourdough number 4

Lovers of nice bread look away now!

These bad boys just went way wrong! You can see they are just going crazy even before they got to the oven. In disgust we didn't take their picture when they came out of the oven. But picture a cowpat and you are pretty much there. Looked rough, didn't taste great - sad day for blackbird bread! Since they looked like cow poo only fair to give the a number 2.

Sourdough number 5

Lordy what is happening to our sourdough? This one just kept collapsing so ended up being put in a tin. It was one that was due to be sold but gave it away for free. We thought we had the white one down pat, it was the brown that kept letting us down! Actually it tasted really nice and wasn't too doughy, but she ain't pretty! We'd give it a 6.

Sourdough number 6

Hey presto! Good rise (thanks to 500g of starter!), great crumb and not too heavy. Looks like Stegosaurus testicles. Couldn't wait to slice it open, although managed to wait until it cooled.
At last! Bit of a flying crust on top left, but fab taste, not overly sour, but for sheer modesty, it gets a 9 from us. Always room for improvement!

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