Tuesday 14 May 2013

Bin it!

Making bread is one of life's pleasures, but once you've made it you need somewhere to store it. We were lucky enough to be given a bread bin by the rather fabulous
Garden Trading, a brilliant online company set up to make stylish additions to our everyday life, from garden tools to, well, bread bins!

They asked me to test out one of their new range of bread bins and to blog about it.
So here we go!

Firstly, I've got to say the packaging is incredible. You might think it's not too important, but any damage caused to an item is incredibly frustrating, so the amount of bubble wrap, plus a very sturdy box, is well received!

Our bread bin colour is flint, but there are others to choose from. It's a nice size (H29cm x W32cm x D18cm) which easily accommodates three large loaves. 

We particularly like the lid. Lovely handle, tight fitting when placed upon the base and not made from thin materials. In fact, it's worth saying here that unlike bread bins you can buy in supermarkets, for example, the powder coated steel used means that the bin is not flimsy and doesn't wobble when you move it, or put the lid on it. It's solid, but light! It also keeps the bread fresh, although bread doesn't last long around here, I did notice better taste and a crisper crumb than before.

(Please note: for this pic, I raised the loaves on a stand placed inside the bread bin. It's deeper than it looks from this shot. But you've gotta love those loaves!)

It doesn't take up much room, certainly less than our old bread bin, now relegated to storing flour and looks sensational. My Mum loved it and many customers who pop in for bread comment on it too. 

The most significant person to express an interest, (apart from my Mum, obviously!) was Daniel Stevens, my main baking inspiration and author of 'Bread' (http://astore.amazon.co.uk/rivecott-21/detail/074759533X). 

Daniel popped in and I just happened to have a camera!

So if our endorsement of this great product won't convince you to buy it, then maybe Daniel Stevens opinion will!

For the last pic, I threw most of a days bake at the bread bin. It's great, the blackbirds all love it and it adds a touch of class to any sandwich!

Thanks Garden Trading!

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