Thursday 24 September 2009

Why the perfect mouthful?

Well, I have my husband to thank for the name. I've got this little obsession when I am eating something like a roast dinner or a fry up that there is a perfect mouthful where you get a bit of everything on the plate on your fork - this is no mean feat with something like Christmas lunch!

So, what will feature on this blog? Well, lots of the things I like (homemade cake, Thai curries, mashed potato, cake, cheese, sunday lunch, Lakeland utensils, cake, pasta, syrup sponge - did I mention cake?) and some things I don't (bad shop bought cake, beetroot, peas, cold seafood, pizza with chicken on it). They'll probably be lots of things about what you can get a four year old to eat and in about four months time introducing the new addition to the family to the world beyond milk. They'll be receipes I like, receipes I don't like. Probably a few random thoughts. A lot of kitchen envy directed at TV chefs - this week Nigel Slater - his kitchen looks bigger than my house, in fact his fridge looks bigger than my house!

Oh and if I didn't mention it before, there will be a lot about cake.